For similar wind conditions (Fig. 1), WINDKY and the OTC methods have been benchmarked on the Gipsa-lab platform. The OTC method produces an
electrical torque proportional to the square of the speed of the wind turbine. For this study, the OTC method has been set up with an "a priori" optimal gain.

We observe here that the speed of the wind turbine performs less significant variations (Fig. 2), allowing for higher power production when using the WINDKY technology.
WINDKY adapts, at every time-instant, the operation of the wind turbine to the current meteorological conditions, to optimize power production (Figs. 3 and 5).
The total energy production (Fig. 4) is higher with WINDKY.

It appears from this experience that WINDKY, without the use of additional sensors and settings, is more efficient than the OTC method, which requires more hard adjustments for each installed wind turbine.

1/ Wind speed
2/ Turbine rotational speed
4/ Produced energy
3/ Produced power
5/ Power vs speed